Program Utilized:  QuickBooks

Initial Set Up – One Time Fee $/organization

Payroll Services – As outlined below:

1 – 3 Employees $/employee
4 – 9 Employees $/employee
10 – 15 Employees $/employee

  • Initial Set Up for your Company/Organization.
  • Setting up each employee.
  • Receiving your employees’ time sheets (due every 2nd Monday on a bi-weekly pay period) and entering their data.
  • Calculating your payroll.
  • Providing you with pay stubs for all of your employees.
  • If requested we will send a copy of their paystub to each of your employees.
  • Each pay period we will provide you with a payroll detailed report.
  • We will complete as many Record of Employment forms throughout the year that you will need.
  • If request we will submit Payroll Remittances.
  • We will provide you with T4 slips for each of your employees plus your T4 Summary.
  • You have the option to write your own payroll cheques to your employees, or
  • You can have us direct deposit your employees pay on a biweekly pay period.

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