Importance of Reference Checks

If you have found the right candidate whom has proven to fit the position and the company, congratulations, that is an enormous achievement!

However, for various reasons, this may not be the case. Maybe we are too busy to do the full screening process and just want to get a candidate on board missing one crucial step, reference checking. Yes it takes time but the results are worth the effort!

Ensuring that someone completes the reference checking process, before hiring individuals, is fundamental. Reference checks are part of a company’s homework. This may be done by the company itself or by outsourcing it to a firm such as Jetstream Personnel Consulting.

Listening to what the candidate has been telling you through their personal interviews and resume are important, but getting feedback on the candidate from an outsider is productive.

One indicator of future performance is a candidate’s past performance. Additional information on the candidate’s performance, behavior, attitude and other skills and attributes will make the screening process more thorough.

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