We act as outsourced corporate recruiters, who coordinate the entire recruitment and selection process for you, from interviewing to orientation or anywhere in between.

We can help with:

  • Advertising and marketing your position vacancies
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Compiling customized interview templates
  • Provide your staff with interview training to ensure all legislative requirements are adhered to conduct first interviews to enable your time is used most effectively
  • Coordinate the interview process between selected candidates and your interview team
  • Conduct candidate testing based on your requirements
  • Conduct Reference Checks using our customized reference check templates
  • Develop the employment contract and finalize the offer
  • Retain all necessary information as per the Privacy Legislation and contact unsuccessful interview candidates
  • Coordinate the orientation process into your company
  • Follow up on probationary success


Outsourcing Services Offered:

  • Professional/Confidential Minute Taking
  • Transcription
  • Confidential Interview Space
  • Reference Checking
  • Position Posting
  • Fax or photocopying
  • Computers to check emails and/or send resumes to prospective employers