We offer a range of recruitment services to fit your company’s unique needs. To discuss, email Bev at or complete the form below at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in touch.


Types of Placements:

Regardless of option; Temporary Contract, Temporary to Permanent, or Direct Hire, we do a screening process which involves but is not limited to:

Many organizations are using third parties (Jetstream) to serve as “virtual” recruiting departments or as face-to-face direct contact.

Permanent/Direct Hire Guarantee

For clients who wish to hire an individual (s) on permanently as their own employee. We act as outsourced corporate recruiters, who coordinate the entire recruitment and selection process for you, from interviewing to orientation or anywhere in between.

We can help with:

  • Advertising and marketing your position vacancies
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Compiling customized interview templates
  • Provide your staff with interview training to ensure all legislative requirements are adhered to conduct first interviews to enable your time is used most effectively
  • Coordinate the interview process between selected candidates and your interview team
  • Conduct candidate testing based on your requirements
  • Conduct Reference Checks using our customized reference check templates
  • Develop the employment contract and finalize the offer
  • Retain all necessary information as per the Privacy Legislation and contact unsuccessful interview candidates
  • Coordinate the orientation process into your company
  • Follow up on probationary success
Jetstream provides a 3 month guarantee which means if either the client or candidate wishes out of the direct hire before the 3 month time then Jetstream retains and fills the position with the $ already paid going to the recruitment process fee.

Temporary Placement Contract or Temporary to Permanent Hire

Hire an individual as a contract through Jetstream – this can be short-term or long-term – the client is invoiced every two weeks as the candidate is paid every two weeks.

We have clients who do a continuing contract in which they do a year at a time or contracts as short as one-day coverage.

Clients wanting to try out an individual do 3-month contracts then wish to let them go or take them on as a permanent employee in which they pay a rate that would cover the recruitment process.

  • Our services cover all employer costs:  Wage, CPP, EI, Stat Pay, Vacation Pay, WCB, Comprehensive Insurance and our Admin Fee as well as all documentation related to employment:  payroll, benefits (we are able to offer benefits to the candidate who have contracts 8 month or longer), T4’s, ROE’s, etc.

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