Bev Josuttes-Harland, Owner/President

Bev excels working with individuals, businesses, and companies – both public and private sectors. She finds it exciting and an honour developing new and fostering continuing partnerships with clients in and around Western Canada. With expertise in education, healthcare, administration, agriculture, automotive/trucking, and the energy sector, she has proven she can work effectively in any industry.

She offers top recruitment to clients along with job seeking development, and resume/project/document production. Bev’s experience as an educator, Human Resource consultant and coach along with a Master’s in Administration, B. Sc. Degree in Mathematics/Chemistry, and B. Education Degree is an asset to our services.

Bev has deep rooted values and ensures her and her team act with integrity when making every decision. Her strength, dedication, and honesty have been a solid foundation for Jetstream.

Phone: 780-808-5736


TJ O’Donnell, HR & Marketing Manager

TJ is responsible for Jetstream’s digital marketing strategy and works with a wide range of clients, providing exceptional customer service to all. TJ has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing. With experience in government, tourism, economic development, technology and HR, TJ is an excellent resource providing top recruitment for candidates and clients alike.

She is highly skilled in communication, networking and fostering relationships.

TJ grew up in Turtleford and later moved to Lloydminster to play competitive hockey.

In her spare time, TJ enjoys staying physically active, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


Logan Harland, HR Consultant

Logan has a Psychology degree and is currently working toward obtaining his Master’s of Psychology in Counselling. Logan has extensive experience as an HR Consultant in addition to social work and counselling.

Logan has an innate ability to communicate effectively with clients and candidates. Through his strong interpersonal skills and networking, Logan provides excellent recruitment strategies.

Logan grew up on a farm by Frenchman Butte and played competitive hockey for most of his life, including with the Saskatoon Blades and the University of Regina.

Logan enjoys working outside and playing with his dog, Bear.