Our Mission

“Through honesty and integrity, provide the top confidential resource to clients and candidates looking for Staffing, Training and HR Resource Alternatives.”

Our Promise

The Jetstream Team asks, “Is your staff on autopilot?” We value our clients and will always go above and beyond what is needed to ensure we meet their expectations.

About Us

Leadership and lifelong learning has never been more critical as it is in today’s ever-changing world. the ever expanding organizational and energy sectors success depend on the skills, attributes and talent of both the leaders and the employees

Needs such as communication, time management, employee/community/client relations, personal leadership, work environment, wellness/health & safety, ethics, writing & financial basics, and many others fall on the all-important role of today’s leaders- bother formal and informal ones.

In keeping with our own commitment to continuing excellence, is designed to foster learning, develop critical relationship-building and develop the necessary skills in order to establish and maintain a high level of success in the organization.

Over the past 10 years our business has continued to grow and will continue to grow with the partnerships in and around our community.

please call our office to schedule an interview or discuss your staffing needs or training requirements with our staff.

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