Job Description Development

During the development of job descriptions, we can either create new or review what currently exists and update them as required. Experience has shown that sharing the responsibility for reviewing and updating the position descriptions with both employer and employees provides a better and more realistic end-product, builds ownership for the project with them, and gives more credibility to the entire process.

Performance & Procedure Management Documentation

When steps are complex, or procedures not repeated many times daily, most end-users need job-oriented reference materials for their systems, procedures, and equipment. People forget! Online and/or paper documentation is the solution. Don’t let best practices go undocumented and unshared. Documentation of all kinds creates a valuable archive of information, or knowledge base, that is necessary as key personnel move on to other departments or as new members join a team. Jetstream can recommend the best media and layout for your situation. From complete system manuals to quick reference cards, your end-users will appreciate having something to refer to when questions arise. We can also create or update existing instructor and student manuals to enhance your training efforts. Jetstream offers a full array of documentation alternatives, including:

  • Performance assessments
  • Exit interview templates
  • Flow charts
  • Launch and maintenance manuals
  • Operator guides
  • Procedure/reference manuals
  • Quick reference guides
  • System/process maps