******All workshops and seminars are offered via modules with some via presentations. Please contact for more information!

It is proven that in order for individuals to learn the required knowledge they must be “Engaged” and that in order for them to retain that same knowledge the training process must involve follow up and “Coaching”.

Most organizations understand and agree with the need for employee development, however the challenges that these organizations are faced with can be overwhelming.

  • Sometimes organizations are located in small, physically isolated communities and they run into training problems.
  • The coverage area of the organization is too large and diverse to be accommodated by one program
  • No time for employee development
  • No budget for training
  • No on-site mentors to help build leadership qualities

Jetstream Personnel Consulting Inc.: Training & Education is a local organization with an office located in the heart of Lloydminster. We utilize the skills and knowledge of dynamic experienced educators along with the experience of a human resource team having over 20 years in the field to develop an individualized Professional Development and Training Plan for your organization.

We will meet with your team to determine the objectives that you wish to address and compile the best combination of delivery methods to accommodate your participants.

At Jetstream Personnel Consulting Inc. we have developed training materials that not only allow for flexibility in delivery methods but ensure that the participants are engaged in their learning. We offer continuous coaching and commit to follow up following each session.

Training Systems

Create a more flexible training schedule for your staff by treating each system independently or mixing in-class, on-site courses with Internet and Correspondence courses. At Jetstream Personnel Consulting Inc. our expert faculty and friendly support staff are dedicated to helping you successfully complete your training. You can study online, in print, or in combination. You decide which method best suits your learning style. We commit to providing the same quality material whether you choose in-class training sessions, correspondence instruction or E-learning.

Jetstream Personnel Consulting Inc. offer over 70 quality, affordable, soft-skill programs designed to give you the skills you need for success in your position. We will do all the administration necessary and provide your organization with completion reports of all participants.

The various delivery methods are indicated below however they can be changed to involve any combination.

To ensure learning has taken place, each of the delivery systems will involve face-to-face interaction (on-site, web cam, or personal discussions) and coaching during training and as part of the follow up.

Traditional Seminars & Workshops – On Site

  1. The Jetstream Personnel Consulting Inc. On-Site Training includes more than just training workbooks and a presenter… we also bundle engagement activities & handouts, pre-assessments, multimedia PowerPoint presentations, and course outlines.
  2. Within all of the Jetstream Personnel Consulting Inc. Training Systems it is a priority to include follow up with each participant from the session either face to face or via web-cam. This ensures that a coaching component to the session has been experienced for continued growth and to ensure that the knowledge has been retained.
  3. A minimum of 3 participants must be registered in any one on-site workshop.
  4. We also offer private instruction to individuals who may find this a better learning style. These sessions are hosted in our Lloydminster office.

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